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About Life In Flights

Through family upheaval, the occasional work trip, and a longing to embrace new experiences, I’ve spent plenty of time on planes – far less than many, far more than most – which has been a blessing.


Destinations aside, I am generally thrilled to be in airports, crossroads of an overpopulated planet, where the majority of folks are somewhat confused, vulnerable, anxious, and often over-imbibing at curious airport bars.


And I feel privileged to take flight on airplanes. I am awed by the majesty of these amazing machines as they pull themselves skyward, full of passengers, crew, and all their attendant baggage, both literal and metaphoric.


That is why this blog exists. I want to express this passion, gleaned from what I’m considering a life in flights. Think of a wine-flight sampling, or “flight” as “a group of similar beings or objects flying through the air together,” as Merriam-Webster defines it. I’m no expert on flight, broadly or specifically. I’ve merely had samplings, little chapters of life, held together on a single theme: flight. Not so often that looking down on clouds has lost its magic; not so seldom as to be overwhelming. Rather, a well-paced, soothing series of invitations to take flight.  

Professional image of the author in jacket and tie
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