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DCA E Concourse Admirals Club DEC 22

    When you wonder what the buzz in D.C. might be these days, you’ll probably think congressional shenanigans or the mayor’s efforts to get federal workers back into their District offices. The real buzz, however, belongs to the spanking-new, super-shiny Admirals Club


    It’s justifiable buzz! The new Terminal 2/E Gates hotspot is gorgeous. Not only does it wow aesthetically, but it uniquely celebrates its D.C. roots. 


    Aside from this outstanding offering, which joins American’s C and D gates lounges, DCA is looking at a bumper crop of lounges. Joining these three, along with Delta’s Sky Club and the United Club, will be an American Express Centurion Lounge. Perhaps more noteworthy will be the addition of a “Capital One Landing.” This novel debut, operated by Plaza Premium, will also feature tapas by hometown hero José Andrés


    While that might make it seem as though tiny DCA will be buried in private lounges, the ratio is not so nuts. If we include the USO lounge, that will give us eight lounges for 59 gates. About one lounge for every 8.5 gates. Meanwhile, heavy hitters JFK and LAX have roughly one lounge for every seven gates. Granted, you could calculate this in infinite ways – square footage, capacity, etc. – but you could easily argue that DCA is simply keeping up with its growth. 


    So buckle up, and let’s take a quick tour! 

Plaza Premium.jpeg

A hint of the coming Capital One Landing in National Hall en route to the E Concourse.

Hall to E 2.jpeg
Hall w F 2.jpeg

That trek out to the E Concourse flies by with moving sidewalks and a spousal escort!

E 2.jpeg
E 3.jpeg

We made it to the E Concourse so quickly that we beat P.F. Chang's! If you'd like to see a bit more of the E Concourse, please take a peek here. Notably, the garlands are gone. We were heading to PHX for the holidays when I took these photos. 

AC ext 2.jpeg

Ohai, Admiral's Club! I see you up there. But how do I enter you...?

AC entry 1.jpeg
AC entry 2.jpeg

While it's easy to spot the second-floor windows of the new Admirals Club, the entry is a bit trickier. Be steadfast! You will find it! This is where I should mention we have access thanks to the husband's Citi Executive World Elite AAdvantage card. As a secondary user, I get access when flying solo, too!  

AC elevator.jpeg

Above, where I wrote that this Admirals Club really leans into its D.C. roots, this is where it starts. Elevator cherry blossoms! 

AC 7.jpeg
AC 2.jpeg
AC 3.jpeg
AC 1.jpeg

We have ascended to the exclusive Admirals Club aerie. The initial impression is very "Flagship." And, as tempting as it might be to give one of the lovely stones a throw, this is definitely a glass house. So behave. 

AC bar.jpeg
AC south 1.jpeg

On the south side of the club, you'll find the beautiful bar. You'll also find loads of restaurant-style seating. An American Airlines employee noticed my awe, and was friendly enough to point out some of the spiffy design features. The seating here is meant to mimic luggage. And the adjacent metalwork on the wall is a parade of stylized American Airlines iconography. 

AC 6.jpeg
AC mother.jpeg

Continuing our tour of the south side, you'll find these curious carrels. There's also a nursing room. At least, with "Mother's" on the door, that's my assumption. I did not look, as I consider that kind of hallowed ground. 

AC mens 2.jpeg
AC potty 2.jpeg
AC potty.jpeg
AC urinal.jpeg

While I did not peek in the apparent nursing room, I did more than peek at the men's room.This is one handsome men's room! Of course, I did not leave the seat up. Oh, how that makes me bonkers when I see the seat up in real estate photos.... 

AC north 1.jpeg

Taking a turn north, we're in the quieter half of the club. Savor that comfy seating! 

AC fire.jpeg

The sleek aesthetic is on fire! Literally. The north side features an inviting fire feature.

AC north coffee.jpeg
AC pay.jpeg

Skip the south side bar entirely if you're in the mood for coffee/tea. There are also a few snacks at the La Colombe coffee station. But not all that glitters is gratis! Swipe your card for more refreshing choices. 

AC north 2.jpeg
AC north 3.jpeg

This far corner of the north side is bound to develop a loyal following. Not only does this spot offer the plushest possible seating, the lighting is magical. Keeping with the D.C. theme, you'll be reading lines from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, delivered in Washington in 1963. 

    And there you have it! If you've got Admirals Club access, visit this club! Even if your American flight is heading out of a C or D gate, it's worth bypassing those respective concourse's Admirals Clubs to get into this E Concourse stunner. It was worth the wait. 

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