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I flew on the 4 biggest US airlines during the pandemic

to see which is handling it best, and found one blew the rest

out of the water

BUSINESS INSIDER, 07/05/20, by Thomas Pallini


Why you shouldn't drink

before dozing off

on long-haul plane flights

NBC, 06/03/24, by Linda Carroll

Singapore Airlines jet

endured huge swings

in gravitational force

during turbulence, report says

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 05/29/24, [no byline]

Singapore Airlines:

'Turbulence landed

five of my family in ICU'

BBC, 05/28/24, by Kelly Ng and Hannah Ritchie

Bette Nash,

world's longest-serving

flight attendant,

dies at 188

ABC NEWS, 05/25/24, by Leah Sarnoff and Sam Sweeney

Going Barefoot on Planes?

Kamala Harris Has Thoughts

THRILLIST, 04/10/24, by Opheli Garcia Lawler

Want to turn a layover

into a trip?

These 8 stopover programs

can help.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 04/05/24, by Natalie B. Compton

These plane crash survivors

and victims' loved ones

are becoming scared to fly again

after years of travel.

They're not alone

CNN, 04/06/24, by Elizabeth Wolfe

JetZero: Groundbreaking


demonstrator plane

cleared to fly

CNN, 04/04/24, by Jacopo Prisco

Need to get to the airport?

Soon you can take an air taxi.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 03/25/24, by Edward Russell

Boeing CEO to step down

in broad management shake-up

as 737 Max crisis

weighs on aerospace giant

CNBC, 03/25/24, by Leslie Josephs, Phil LeBeau, Meghan Reeder

This Former Airline Employee's

Viral Flight Hack

Is Blowing Our Minds

HUFFPOST, 03/25/24, by Monica Torres

As aviation industry

becomes butt of jokes,

officials stress flying is safe

THE WASHINGTON POST, 03/11/24, by Ian Duncan and Taylor Lorenz

Southwest's first red-eye flights

are coming, but you'll

have to wait

THE WASHINGTON POST, 03/23/24, by Edward Russell

Boeing whistleblower John Barnett

found dead in US

BBC NEWS, 03/11/24, by Theo Leggett

People hit the roof

after Boeing plane's sudden drop,

passenger says

NBC NEWS, 03/12/24, by Mithil Aggarwal, Peter Guo and Matteo Moschella

Alaska Airlines flight found

with cargo door ajar

upon landing in Portland

OREGONLIVE.COM, 03/09/24, by Austin DeDios

Tire falls off United plane

after takeoff from SFO,

damages cars in parking lot

NBC BAY AREA, 03/07/24, by Brendan Weber, Ian Cull and Sergio Quintana

TikTok's seatbelt hack

for airplane sleep

is a recipe for disaster

THE WASHINGTON POST, 03/01/24, by Natalie B. Compton

I'm begging you

not to Google for

airline customer service numbers

THE WASHINGTON POST, 02/27/24, by Shira Ovide

Everyone hates the airport.

These people love their carpets.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 02/23/24, by Hannah Sampson

Boeing replaces Ed Clark,

leader of 737 Max program,

in wake of midair incident

ABC NEWS, 02/21/24, by Amanda Maile

Flight attendants are holding airport rallies

to protest the lack of new contracts

and pay raises

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 02/13/24, by Alex Kushner

Key bolts were missing

from a Boeing door plug

that blew out in mid-air, report says

CNN, 02/07/24, by Pete Muntean, Gregory Wallace and Chris Isidore

Conservatives Had to Get

Weirdly Racist

Even When It Comes to the

Airplane Freakout, Huh?

SLATE, 01/26/24, by Alex Kushner

Delta Boeing 757 plane

loses tire before takeoff

in Atlanta

THE WASHINGTON POST, 01/24/24, by Andrew Jeong

United's CEO

seemed to subtly threaten

a move away from Boeing,

saying the Max 9 grounding is

'the straw that broke

the camel's back'

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/23/24, by Pete Syme

WATCH: Flight Attendant Mom

Gets Help from Passengers

to Surprise Son

with Hawaii Birthday Trip (Exclusive)

PEOPLE, 01/22/24, by Antonia DeBianchi

Worried about airline safety?

Blame diversity,

say deranged rightwingers

THE GUARDIAN, 01/20/24, by Arwa Mahdawi

Alaska Air, United

cancel hundreds of flights

following door blowout

CBS NEWS, 01/08/24, by Aimee Picchi

A couple had to pay

more than $3,000 at the airport

because one ticket was booked

under 'Kate' instead of 'Katherine'

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/05/24, by Joshua Zitser

Running late for your flight?

Don't panic.

Here's what to do.

US TODAY, 01/03/24, by Zach Wichter

Planes collide and catch fire

at Japan's busy Haneda airport,

killing 5. Hundreds evacuated safely

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 01/02/24, by Mari Yamaguchi and Foster Klug

Airlines are frustrating travelers

by changing frequent-flyer

program rules – here's why

they keep doing it

CNN, 12/14/23, by Jay L. Zagorsky and H. Sami Karaca

Alaska Air was ready to grow.

Hawaiian hit hard times.

An airline match is made

THE SEATTLE TIMES, 12/05/23, by Dominic Gates

Qatar Deports Gay Flight Attendant

for Wearing Tinted Moisturizer

METRO WEEKLY, 11/28/23, by John Riley

Plane will fly from London to New York

with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Experts say it's not a fix

CNN, 11/28/23, by Jacopo Prisco

Forget chicken or pasta.

Order the Hindu meal on a flight

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/24/23, by David Farley

Passenger threatened flight crew

over mask, feds say.

Now she owes American Airlines

THE SACRAMENTO BEE, 11/15/23, by Julia Marnin

An American Airlines pilot

went viral for his 'retirement flight' speech

after 32 years on the job

INSIDER, 11/14/23, by Marielle Descalsota

This flight attendant

who breastfed a passenger's

hungry baby is still our hero

MOTHERLY, 11/12/23, [no byline]

The night train revolution

has been hailed as an alternative

to airplanes. Here's how

that's going.

CNN, 11/12/23, by Ben Jones

More details emerge after

off-duty pilot allegedly tried to

shut off engines

on Alaska Airlines flight

ABC NEWS, 10/04/23, by Amanda Maile and Emily Shapiro

Pilots on a regional passenger jet

say a 3rd pilot in the cockpit

tried to shut down the engines

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 10/23/23, by David Koenig and Claire Rush

US student held in Dubai for weeks

for tapping security officer's arm

THE GUARDIAN, 10/04/23, by Ramon Antonio Vargas

Airports want you to come hang out –

even without a flight

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/03/23, by Heidi Pérez-Moreno

Fake Jet Engine Parts

Ground American, Southwest, United Planes

as Scandal Grows

THE DRIVE, 09/23/23, by James Gilboy

Your guide to sleeping

in an airport

THE WASHINGTON POST, 09/05/23, by Sofia Andrade

American and Southwest Airlines

face 'meltdown'

THE STREET, 09/03/23, by Daniel Kline

Thousands of passengers

got stuck on planes for hours

at LaGuardia Airport

as 60 aircraft waited to take off

INSIDER, 07/29/23, by Jyoti Mann

How Two Brothers

Turned Planespotting Into

YouTube Gold

THRILLIST, 07/21/23, by Vanita Salisbury

Delta passengers, flight attendants

fall ill awaiting takeoff in Las Vegas

amid 114-degree temps

FOX WEATHER, 07/18/23, by Chris Oberholtz

Blimps Are Back –

And They Might Be the

Future of Air Travel

THRILLIST, 07/11/23, by Jennifer Billock

United flight to Amsterdam

reportedly diverted to Chicago

over meal choice

THE GUARDIAN, 07/10/23, by Lauren Aratani

A flight attendant needed surgery

and 4 others were also injured

by severe turbulence on a flight

from Singapore to London

BUSINESS INSIDER, 06/17/23, by Harvey Biggs

Qantas reveals economy seats

for 19-hour NYC-Sydney

ultra long-haul flights

CNN, 06/15/23, by Harvey Biggs

Delta CEO says 'revenge travel'

is taking over and even he's shocked

by how much: '$300 billion – with a B'

FORTUNE, 06/09/23, by Jane Thier

I'm a mom who flies in business class

while my family stays in economy.

We see it as a lesson on feminism.

INSIDER, 06/07/23, by Kathleen Porter Kristiansen

This Is the Only Acceptable Way

to Ask a Fellow Passenger to Switch Seats,

According to a Flight Attendant

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 06/05/23, by Stacey Leasca

Airport Lounge Crawls

Are the Newest 'Sport' in Travel

THRILLIST, 06/01/23, by Serena Tara

Flight Attendant Who Shared

Her Transition Journey in United Video

Dead After Posting Emotional Final Message

PEOPLE, 03/23/23, by Jason Hahn

A new Taiwanese luxury airline

is launching flights from Taipei to the U.S.

See inside the swanky A350

flying the 12-hour route

BUSINESS INSIDER, 03/22/23, by Taylor Rains

Air New Zealand connects

Auckland and New York for the first time ever

CNN, 09/19/22, by Lilit Marcus

This All-Black Female American Airlines Crew

Took Flight in Honor

of an Aviation Icon – Here's Her Story

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 09/14/22, by Stefanie Waldek

Travel: Why there's so much chaos

at airports right now

YAHOO, 07/13/22, by Adriana Belmonte

Buttigieg meets with airline executives

amid fresh round of delays

THE WASHINGTON POST, 06/17/22, by Lori Aratani

Delta to begin paying flight attendants

during boarding

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/26/22, [no byline]

These airlines are letting passengers

banned for mask violations back on planes

ALASKA PUBLIC MEDIA, 04/22/22, by Jonathan Franklin

Delta rewrites statement that called covid-19

'ordinary seasonal virus'

THE WASHINGTON POST, 04/19/22, by Lindsey Bever

An English design company has created

a business seat for narrowbody planes

as more airlines fly them across the Atlantic

– meet ACCESS

BUSINESS INSIDER, 02/12/22, by Taylor Rains

Frontier to buy Spirit Airlines

in $2.9 billion budget carrier deal

REUTERS, 02/07/22, by Aishwarya Nair and Rajesh Kumar Singh

Delta asks DOJ to add

unruly passengers to federal "no-fly" list

AXIOS, 02/04/22, by Shawna Chen

A nearly abandoned New York airport

is getting nonstop flights to Europe

for the first time since 2019 with fares starting

at $109 one-way

BUINESS INSIDER, 02/01/22, by Taylor Rains

Lufthansa is upgrading

its premium economy seats as the cabin

soars in popularity among travelers – meet ZIMprivacy

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/29/22, by Taylor Rains

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