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I flew on the 4 biggest US airlines during the pandemic

to see which is handling it best, and found one blew the rest

out of the water

BUSINESS INSIDER, 07/05/20, by Thomas Pallini


I'm a mom who flies in business class

while my family stays in economy.

We see it as a lesson on feminism.

INSIDER, 06/07/23, by Kathleen Porter Kristiansen

This Is the Only Acceptable Way

to Ask a Fellow Passenger to Switch Seats,

According to a Flight Attendant

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 06/05/23, by Stacey Leasca

Airport Lounge Crawls

Are the Newest 'Sport' in Travel

THRILLIST, 06/01/23, by Serena Tara

Flight Attendant Who Shared

Her Transition Journey in United Video

Dead After Posting Emotional Final Message

PEOPLE, 03/23/23, by Jason Hahn

A new Taiwanese luxury airline

is launching flights from Taipei to the U.S.

See inside the swanky A350

flying the 12-hour route

BUSINESS INSIDER, 03/22/23, by Taylor Rains

Air New Zealand connects

Auckland and New York for the first time ever

CNN, 09/19/22, by Lilit Marcus

This All-Black Female American Airlines Crew

Took Flight in Honor

of an Aviation Icon – Here's Her Story

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 09/14/22, by Stefanie Waldek

Travel: Why there's so much chaos

at airports right now

YAHOO, 07/13/22, by Adriana Belmonte

Buttigieg meets with airline executives

amid fresh round of delays

THE WASHINGTON POST, 06/17/22, by Lori Aratani

Delta to begin paying flight attendants

during boarding

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/26/22, [no byline]

These airlines are letting passengers

banned for mask violations back on planes

ALASKA PUBLIC MEDIA, 04/22/22, by Jonathan Franklin

Delta rewrites statement that called covid-19

'ordinary seasonal virus'

THE WASHINGTON POST, 04/19/22, by Lindsey Bever

An English design company has created

a business seat for narrowbody planes

as more airlines fly them across the Atlantic

– meet ACCESS

BUSINESS INSIDER, 02/12/22, by Taylor Rains

Frontier to buy Spirit Airlines

in $2.9 billion budget carrier deal

REUTERS, 02/07/22, by Aishwarya Nair and Rajesh Kumar Singh

Delta asks DOJ to add

unruly passengers to federal "no-fly" list

AXIOS, 02/04/22, by Shawna Chen

A nearly abandoned New York airport

is getting nonstop flights to Europe

for the first time since 2019 with fares starting

at $109 one-way

BUINESS INSIDER, 02/01/22, by Taylor Rains

Lufthansa is upgrading

its premium economy seats as the cabin

soars in popularity among travelers – meet ZIMprivacy

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/29/22, by Taylor Rains

U.S. to move faster to address

unfair airline consumer practices

REUTERS, 01/24/22, by David Shepardson

Passenger from Ireland charged with assault

on Delta flight to New York

THE WASHINGTON POST, 01/21/22, by Shayna Jacobs

A teen's solo transatlantic flight

calls attention to wasteful 'ghost flights'

NPR, 01/21/22, by Vanessa Romo

Belarus withheld information

from Ryanair diversion probe, U.N. says

REUTERS, 01/19/22, by Andrius Sytas

US airlines warn C-Band 5G

could cause 'catastrophic disruption'

ENDGADGET, 01/17/22, by Igor Bonifacic

Canadian doctor delivers

'Miracle' baby on flight

BBC, 01/14/22, by Max Matza

Southwest Passengers Can Now Get

an At-home COVID-19 Test

in the Maile

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 01/10/22, by Meena Thiruvengadam

American Airlines apologetic after

Twitter user complains about pilot

with 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker

FOX NEWS, 01/09/22, by Jon Brown

28,000 canceled flights later,

airlines still looking for upper hand

against omicron, weather

THE WASHINGTON POST, 01/08/22, by Lori Aratani, Ian Duncan

Airlines refuse to fly 'idiot' influencers home

after they overtook plane

from Canada to Cancun despite Covid rules

INDEPENDENT, 01/07/22, by Graig Graziosi

Air New Zealand the World's Safest Airline

for 2022

AIRLINE RATINGS, 01/05/22, by Christine Forbes Smith

Denmark to make domestic flights

fossil fuel free by 2030

BBC, 01/02/22, [no byline]

Emirates is giving 52 of its Airbus A380s

a brand-new look including upgrades in every cabin

and premium economy seating – see inside

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/02/22, by Thomas Pallini

Airline Industry Needs 35,000 to 40,000

New Pilots in the Next Decade

THE JET SET, 01/01/22, by John Michael Jayme

Chicago woman quarantined in airplane bathroom

for 3 hours after testing positive

for Covid-19 mid-flight

CNN, 12/31/21, by Sara Smart and Jeevan Ravindran

Flight cancellations snarl holiday plans

for thousands

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 12/25/21, by Tali Arbel

Should alcohol be limited

at airport bars and banned on planes?

YAHOO, 12/20/21, by Adam Shapiro

Black family to sue American Airlines

after being kicked off plane in Charlotte, N.C.

THE GRIO, 12/07/21, by Biba Adams

'I relive it daily': Woman describes trauma

of being taken off a plane in Qatar

and internally examined after authorities found

an abandoned newborn baby

BUSINESS INSIDER, 12/04/21, by Sinéad Baker

A Vietnamese airline made history

by launching the first-ever commercial nonstop flight

from Vietnam to the US

BUSINESS INSIDER, 12/01/21, by Taylor Rains

Costly Airbus paint flaw goes wider

than the Gulf

REUTERS, 11/29/21, by Tim Hepher and Alexander Cromwell

Justice Department to ramp up prosecution

of unruly airline passengers

AXIOS, 11/25/21, by Yacob Reyes

The travelers who are

turning their backs on airplanes

CNN, 11/10/21, by Francesca Street

These Photos Capture

Emotional Airport Reunions After Coronavirus Restrictions

Were Lifted

BUZZFEED, 11/08/21, by Pia Peterson

Relief and reunions in sight

as US finally lifts Covid travel restrictions

THE GUARDIAN, 11/06/21, by Kevin T. Dugan

Why Everyone Is

Suddenly Flying Premium Economy

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 11/03/21, by Jessica Puckett

Supply chain help is on the way

from the passenger airlines

QUARTZ, 11/02/21, by Nicolás Rivero

Are Green Jet Fuels Ready for Takeoff?

WIRED, 10/27/21, by Eric Niiler

Federal judge tosses out

Southwest Airlines pilots' petition against vaccine mandate

POLITICO, 10/26/21, by Oriana Pawlyk

Italian flight attendants strip off

to protest working conditions

CNN, 10/21/21, by Julia Buckley

Aviation Fans Are Excited

About the New Airport Terminal Being Built in Pittsburgh

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, 10/19/21, by Shivani Vora

United CEO Warns Travelers to Beware

When Flying Airlines Without a Vaccine Mandate

SKIFT, 10/20/21, by Edward Russell

JetBlue's Mint Suite

Raises the Bar for Business Class on U.S. Airlines

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 10/18/21, by Eric Rosen

'Nobody ever put hands on me before':

flight attendants on the air rage epidemic

THE GUARDIAN, 10/17/21, by Kelli María Korducki

Why it's so hard to find a power outlet

at the airport

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/16/21, by Hannah Sampson

Why a Mach 5 passenger plane

is a crazy idea that might just work

CNN, 10/16/21, by Jacopo Prisco

Southwest Airlines pilots did not walk out

on our passengers. We were stranded, too.

USA TODAY, 10/16/21, by Michael Santoro

Overhead bins on planes are getting bigger,

and it's turning air travel into

a less stressful experience for both passengers and crew

BUSINESS INSIDER, 10/17/21, by Taylor Rains

Pakistan Airlines suspends Afghanistan flights

amid Taliban row

AL JAZEERA, 10/14/21, [no byline]

Google Flights will show you

the carbon footprint of your travel

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/06/21, by Natalie B. Compton

This startup is using sunlight

and captured C02 to make jet fuel

FAST COMPANY, 10/05/21, by Adele Peters

Sinema confrontations escalate

as she is accosted on plane and at DC airport

WASHINGTON EXAMINER, 10/04/21, by Virginia Aabram

American Airlines to require all U.S. employees

to get COVID-19 vaccine

DALLAS BUSINESS JOURNAL, 10/01/21, by Catherine Leffert

Airlines Are Ripping Out Business Seats

to Create a New Middle Class

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK, 10/01/21, by William Wilkes

and Christopher Jasper

American Airlines Partners

With Another Budget Airline

THE MOTLEY FOOL, 09/30/21, by Adam Levine-Weinberg

JetBlue just began flying between New York and London

with the smallest plane of any airline on the route

– here's why I'm eager to book it again

BUSINESS INSIDER, 09/25/21, by Thomas Pallini

7 airlines, including Southwest and Delta,

are trying to dismiss an man's anti-mask lawsuit,

saying he has no authority to sue them in federal court

BUSINESS INSIDER, 08/28/21, by Kevin Shalvey

Delta Airlines to require that employees

be vaccinated or pay health insurance surcharge

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/25/21, by Ian Duncan

Woman drank, vaped, refused mask

on flight to Charlotte. Now she's been fined $17,000.

THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 08/24/21, by Hannah Smoot

Retired flight attendant is pushing a beverage cart

from Boston to Ground Zero

to honor slain co-workers

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/20/21, by Sydney Page

Bad behavior is surging on flights.

The U.S. needs to crack down on it.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/09/21, by the Editorial Board

Target True Zero Initiative Launches

To Achieve Zero Emissions Aviation

ENVIRONMENT + ENERGY LEADER, 08/02/21, by Harun Asud

One of Embraer's worst selling jets

just got a shot in the arm with an 30-aircraft order

from Canada's Porter Airlines: Meet E195-E2

BUSINESS INSIDER, 7/31/21, by Thomas Pallini

Key lawmaker pushes US airlines to explain

worker shortages and flight delays

after billions in federal aid

CNN, 7/17/21, by Veronica Stracqualursi and Aileen Graef

Bomb threat at Fort Lauderdale International Airport,

travelers evacuated

FOX NEWS, 7/07/21, by Audrey Conklin

The world's safest –

and least safe – airlines

THE TELEGRAPH, 7/07/21, by Hugh Morris

United says that '100%' of customers

will be able to bring carry-on bags

as part of its massive fleet upgrades

BUSINESS INSIDER, 7/05/21, by Thomas Pallini

Air travel exceeds pre-pandemic levels

for 1st time heading into July 4th weekend

ABC NEWS, 7/02/21, by Mina Kaji and Amanda Maile

Biden administration wants to make airlines

refund fees if bags are late

or if inflight WiFi is broken

THE WASHINGTON POST, 07/02/21, by Ian Duncan

After pandemic decimated air travel,

these low-cost start-ups are the first

new U.S. air carriers in 14 years

THE WASHINGTON POST, 06/18/21, by Lori Aratani

I was stranded in Bogotá airport for 10 hours

and it taught me the true value of credit card perks

and not taking no for an answer

BUSINESS INSIDER, 06/13/21, by Thomas Pallini

Delta pilot finds note

marking 'apocalyptic, surreal' pandemic moment.

It sat in a plane for more than a year.

USA TODAY, 06/12/21, by Gabriela Miranda

Passengers made Charlotte-bound flight

'a living hell,' flight attendant scolds in video

THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 06/10/21, by Joe Marusak

Airlines say passengers and their baggage

are getting heavier,

and they're responding with new safety plans

BUSINESS INSIDER, 06/10/21, by Anna Cooban

Hot Pants, Love Potions, and the Go-go Genesis

of Southwest Airlines

TEXAS MONTHLY, 06/10/21, by Joseph Guinto

American, following Delta's lead,

asks employees to volunteer at the airport

THE POINTS GUY, 06/10/21, by Zach Griff

American Airlines' CEO attends wedding

of Southwest flight attendant after viral meeting

THE POINTS GUY, 06/10/21, by Zach Griff

Spirit to enter Miami with 30 routes

in major competitive shake-up

THE POINTS GUY, 06/08/21, by Zach Griff

'People Are Just Bumbling'

A flight attendant on what post-vaccine

travel looks like

SLATE, 06/07/21, by Molly Olmstead

United will require new employees to show proof

of Covid vaccine, following Delta

CNBC, 06/05/21, by Leslie Josephs

UK's Heathrow Airport opens terminal

for high-risk travelers

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 06/01/21, by Jill Lawless

I flew on JetBlue founder David Neeleman's

new Breeze Airways for $39 and found it was cheap

and friendly but surprisingly basic

BUSINESS INSIDER, 05/29/21, by Thomas Pallini

Airlines prolong pause on alcohol service after in-flight assaults

AXIOS, 05/29/21, by Oriana Gonzalez

What You're Owed If Your Flight Is Rescheduled

This Summer

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 05/28/21, by Jessica Puckett

'This is my life': Woman accuses airline

of breaking her wheelchair in viral video

INDEPENDENT, 05/27/21, by Helen Coffey

Belarus airline scraps flights amid EU freeze-out

REUTERS, 05/27/21, by Gleb Stolyarov, Laurence Frost

Russian authorities deny entry to European airlines

as EU mulls sanctions on Belarus

CNN, 05/27/21, by Tara John, Nadine Schmidt, Tim Lister and Chris Liakos

Flight attendant loses 2 teeth in assault by passenger

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 05/25/21, by David Koenig

30 observations from my first vaccinated flight

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/24/21, by Natalie B. Compton

United Airlines joins

corporate COVID-19 vaccine push, offers bid

to win year of free flights

YAHOO, 05/24/21, by Brooke DiPalma

New airline Breeze Airways takes off May 27

with $39 fares, no middle seats

and nonstop flights to smaller cities

USA TODAY, 05/23/21, by Dawn Gilbertson

Belarus accused of 'hijacking' Ryanair flight

diverted to arrest blogger

THE GUARDIAN, 05/23/21, by Andrew Roth

With airline altercations on the rise,

a guide to best practices for bystanders

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/20/21, by Tanya Ward Goodman

Booking a Europe trip this summer?

Here are 6 things to expect.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/19/21, by Natalie B. Compton

Air France Shows Respect for Diversity

with 'LGBT+ Friendly' Flight to Athens

GREEK TRAVEL PAGES, 05/18/21, [no byline]

Unruly Delta passenger facing $52,500 fine

THE HILL, 05/18/21, by Mychael Schnell

Boom Supersonic: 'Anywhere in the world

in four hours for $100'

CNN, 05/18/21, by Maureen O'Hare

Flight attendants' roles have changed,

but the stereotypes have not

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/13/21, by Liza Weisstuch

The ascent of Sara Nelson,

workers' great hope

FAST COMPANY, 05/10/21, by Morgan Clendaniel

As the summer travel outlook improves,

added fees are making a comeback

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/05/21, by Christopher Elliott

Premium Economy is a focus as Delta retrofits

767 and A330 fleets

RUNWAY GIRL NETWORK, 05/05/21, by Jason Rabinowitz

Traveler faked a coronavirus certificate to fly

to Argentina, officials say. He was infected all along.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/05/21, by Teo Armus

This Made Flying Absolute Hell

but It's About to Change

DAILY BEAST, 05/03/21, by Clive Irving

FAA reports 'off the charts' spike

in unruly, dangerous passenger bahavior

on flights

NBC NEWS, 05/03/21, by Tom Costello and Daniel Arkin

Nurses, doctor help 'lucky' mom

who gave birth on flight

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 05/03/21, [no byline]

Dreaming Of Travel To Italy?

There's A New Airline Option

For Your Post-Vaccination Vacations

FORBES, 05/02/21, by Larry Olmstead

Airlines who boarded planes back-to-front

in response to COVID-19

actually doubled passengers' risk of exposure,

a new study says

BUSINESS INSIDER, 04/28/21, by Grace Dean

Here's How All Your Friends

Got $202 Round-trip Tickets to Japan Last Week

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 04/27/21, by Stacey Leasca

'I love my airline, but they didn't love me back':

Southwest flight attendant blames airline

for husband's COVID-19 death

USA TODAY, 04/27/21, by Dawn Gilbertson

Alaska Airlines bans state senator

for 'continued refusal' to follow mask rules

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/26/21, [No byline]

United Airlines received billions in Covid aid.

Now thousands of workers could lose their jobs

THE GUARDIAN, 04/25/21, by Michael Sainato

There's A Petition To Rename National Airport

After JoJo Siwa

NPR, 04/22/21, by Colleen Grablick

JetBlue and American are launching

24 new routes as the two airlines expand

their partnership

BUSINESS INSIDER, 04/21/21, by Thomas Pallini

Eric Andre Says He Was Racially Profiled,

Searched by Police at Atlanta Airport:

'This Is Racism'

PEOPLE, 04/21/21, by Naledi Ushe

Vaccinated travelers should 

still avoid eating and drinking

on planes, experts say

THE WASHINGTON POST, 04/16/21, by Natalie B. Compton

Blocking middle seats on planes

reduces risk of COVID-19 transmission, CDC study says

YAHOO, 04/14/21, by Korin Miller

United Airlines unveils plan to fund

more sustainable jet fuel made from trash

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/13/21, by Tracy Rucinski, Ankit Ajmera

French lawmakers approve a ban on short domestic flights

REUTERS, 04/11/21, by Richard Lough, Barbara Lewis

JetBlue Defends Political Donation

That Prompted Boycott Calls

TRAVEL PULSE, 04/10/21, by Rich Thomaselli

Airlines pull Boeing Max jets to inspect

electrical systems

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/09/21, by David Koenig and Michelle Chapman

Black Female Pilot Starts Initiative

to Enroll 100 Black Women in Flight School

PEOPLE, 04/08/21, by Morgan Smith

2 new airlines await Americans looking to fly somewhere

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/08/21, by David Koenig

Goodbye to Gate 35X,

cursed portal to the rest of America

THE WASHINGTON POST, 04/07/21, by Dan Zak

United Airlines prepares to shake up white,

male-dominated pilot population

REUTERS, 04/06/21, by Tracy Rucinski

JetBlue is promising London-bound passengers

free meals, wider seats, and more when service finally starts

this summer – take a look

BUSINESS INSIDER, 04/06/21, by Thomas Pallini

Runway dining at $540 a meal proving hit in Japan

BBC, 03/31/21, by Justin Harper

Airplane cabin concepts that could change flying:

Crystal Cabin Awards 2020

CNN, 03/31/21, by Francesca Street

United Airlines forced to fight to make an emergency landing

after a 'report of someone's ear being bit off'

BUSINESS INSIDER, 03/21/21, by Joshua Zitser

Flights are filling up as the pandemic

enters its second year – and the crowded flights

are only going to get worse

BUSINESS INSIDER, 03/20/21, by Thomas Pallini

All Those Things You've Hated

About Airplane Travel? Gone.

TOWN & COUNTRY, 03/18/21, by Klara Glowczewska

The next frontier in air travel:

Digital passports as proof of vaccination or testing

NBC NEWS, 03/18/21, by Ben Popken, Sarah Harman and Carlo Angerer

Reagan National Airport sets opening date

for new terminal

WTOP, 03/16/21, by Rick Massimo

Urinating In Your Airline Seat Could Cost You

A Quarter Of A Million Dollars Plus Jail Time

FORBES, 03/14/21, by Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

American, United cancel 27,000 furloughs

after stimulus package passes

ABC NEWS, 03/10/21, by Mina Kaji

Expect Changes To Your

Airline Loyalty Program

FORBES, 03/08/21, by Ben Baldanza

I flew on Delta's newest jet,

the controversial Airbus A220-300,

and it's my new favorite airliner in the US

BUSINESS INSIDER, 03/07/21, by Thomas Pallini

Book a Flight Right Now

SLATE, 03/04/21, by Shannon Palus

The Pan Am flight attendant and the CIA man

who fell in love on an airplane

CNN, 03/03/21, by Francesca Street

An airline in Afghanistan says it just flew

the country's first flight with an all-female crew –

here's what it was like

BUSINESS INSIDER, 02/26/21, by Thomas Pallini

Boeing 757 Diverted To Emergency Landing

Over Engine Problems

BENZINGA, 02/22/21, by Phil Hall

Damaged fan blade from United engine failure

showed signs of metal fatigue

ABC NEWS, 02/22/21, by Amanda Maile and Mina Kaji

Inside United Airlines' in-airport testing center

CBS NEWS, 02/15/21, [no byline]

United just ordered $1 billion worth of eVTOLs

from a startup that aims to launch intra-city passenger flights

in 2024

BUSINESS INSIDER, 02/10/21, by Thomas Pallini

Cathay Pacific adds mask exemption for premium passengers

THE POINTS GUY, 02/08/21, by Daniel Ross

The growing case for middle-seat-free class

RUNWAY GIRL NETWORK, 02/08/21, by John Walton

Triumph, terror and tragedy:

The incredible story of Clipper Victor, the first 747

THE TELEGRAPH, 01/29/21, by Chris Leadbeater

Lufthansa unveils new buy-on-board menu

THE POINTS GUY, 01/25/21, by Benji Stawski

Flight Attendant Reveals the Gross Reason

You Should Never Drink Water on Planes

in Viral TikTok

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 01/22/21, by Jessica Poitevien

Biden just signed an executive order that mandates

mask-wearing while flying and utilizing

most forms of mass transit

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/22/21, by Thomas Pallini

Passengers with negative Covid tests

turned away from London-bout flight

THE INDEPENDENT, 01/18/21, by Simon Calder

The pandemic devastated airlines in 2020

and forced many out of business

– here's the most notable that didn't make it to 2021

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/17/21, by Thomas Pallini

Man lived inside O'Hare for 3 months before detection,

prosecutors say

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 01/17/21, by Christy Gutowski

Airlines step up precautions ahead of

U.S. presidential inauguration

REUTERS, 01/14/21, by David Shepardson, Tracy Rucinski

Exclusive: U.S. FAA chief orders 'zero tolerance'

for disruptive airline passengers, possibly jail

REUTERS, 01/14/21, by David Shepardson

JetBlue Airways' Newest Plane Makes Flying Economy

Much More Comfortable

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 01/12/21, by Jessica Puckett

A Michelin-star chef is making meals

for economy class on this airline

LONELY PLANET, 01/12/21, by Andrea Smith

FAA threatens unruly flyers with stiff fines, jail time;

calls escalate to add Capitol rioters to no-fly list

USA TODAY, 01/11/21, by Jayme Deerwester

Black boxes located at Indonesian airliner crash site

as human remains recovered

CNN, 01/11/21, by Masrur Jamaluddin and Yosef Riadi

The pro-Trump mob which stormed the Capitol should

be banned from their flights home,

says flight attendants union

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/07/21, by Thomas Colson

American Airlines joins Alaska in banning

emotional support animals

THE POINTS GUY, 01/05/21, by Zach Griff

Emirates just unveiled the swanky high-end design

for its new Airbus A380 as most airlines say goodbye

to the enormous plane – see inside

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/03/21, by Thomas Pallini

Sneezed on, cussed at, ignored; Airline workers battle

mask resistance with scant government backup

THE WASHINGTON POST, 01/01/21, by Michael Laris

Plane forced to land after drunk passenger's

homophobic rant

METRO WEEKLY, 12/30/20, by Rhuaridh Marr

Alaska Airlines becomes first major US airline

to announce emotional support animal ban

USA TODAY, 12/29/20, by Hannah Yasharoff

Where Will Crew Rest On The Airbus A321XLR?

SIMPLE FLYING, 12/29/20, by Justin Hayward

Boeing 737 Max resumes flying, almost 2 years

after worldwide grounding

NBC, 12/29/20, by Leticia Miranda and Sam Brock

Air travel hits pandemic record amid surging

infections and hospitalizations


by Brittany Shammas and Reis Thebault

Is It Better to Spend Frequent Flier Miles

on Business or Economy Class?

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 12/28/20, by Erin Lowry

Scientists turn CO2 into jet fuel

ENDGADGET, 12/27/20, by Jon Fingas

Birds of a Feather: The Aircraft Lost to COVID-19

in 2020 Part 2

AIRLINE GEEKS, 12/26/20, by Ian McMurtry

Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX suffers engine issue

REUTERS, 12/25/20, [no byline]

Airlines Are Carrying Out the Mission of the Century

FODOR'S, 12/23/20, by Apesksha Bhateja

A Delta passenger who slid out of a moving plane

with his dog says 'I have panic attacks'

CNN, 12/23/20, by Lauren del Valle and Travis Caldwell

What to expect from loyalty programs in 2021

THE WASHINGTON POST, 12/21/20, by Hannah Sampson

I flew from New York to Boston and returned on Amtrak.

Here's why the train blew the plane out of the water

during the pandemic

BUSINESS INSIDER, 12/21/20, by Thomas Pallini

I flew on Spirit Airlines' newest jet and the quiet cabin

and modern interior couldn't make up for

the bare-bones seats and lack of amenities

BUSINESS INSIDER, 12/20/20, by Thomas Pallini

Southwest Airlines Allegedly Cut Corners,

Pilots Struggled to Get Planes to Take Off

THE DAILY BEAST, 12/20/20, by Clive Irving

FlyWestaf Set to Disrupt African Aviation

AIRWAYS MAGAZINE, 12/20/20, by Brent Foster

A Man With COVID-19 Symptoms Died

In The Middle Of A United Airlines Flight

BUZZFEED, 12/19/20, by Clarissa-Jan Lim

Boeing officials 'inappropriately coached'

government test pilots during a review of the 737 Max

after the model was involved in two fatal crashes,

according to Senate investigators

BUSINESS INSIDER, 12/19/20, by Benji Jones

Birds of a Feather: The Aircraft Lost to COVID-19

in 2020 Part 1

AIRLINE GEEKS, 12/19/20, by Ian McMurtry

BA drops 15 long-haul routes

including Seoul and Seychelles

BBC, 12/17/20, by Simon Browning

American Eagle mechanic, 35, dies after being crushed

by aircraft machinery at Chicago O'Hare

USA TODAY, 12/16/20, by Hannah Yasharoff

Delta's new travel corridor offers quarantine-free access

to the Netherlands

CNN, 12/15/20, by Hiraganas Humayun

Attention, '80s music fans: Alaska Airlines parodies

'Safety Dance' in new video

USA TODAY, 12/14/20, by Jayme Deerwester

Airlines warned over safety as jets return

from pandemic storage

REUTERS, 12/14/20, by Jamie Reed

Man was taken into custody after he climbed

onto the wing of an airplane preparing to takeoff in Las Vegas

CNN, 12/13/20, by Hollie Silverman

Once A Fine Dining Experience, Then A Bad Joke,

Could Airline Food Be Primed For A Comeback?

FORBES, 12/10/20, by Dan Reed

Delta Air Lines puts 700 passengers on no-fly list

over COVID-19 mask rules

FOX NEWS, 12/10/20, by James Leggate

Sculpture of St. Pete's historic airboat

moves to the Pier

TAMPA BAY TIMES, 12/08/20, by Waveney Ann Moore

This TikTok dad missed flying so much

that he bought airline seats for his house

THE WASHINGTON POST, 12/08/20, by Natalie B. Compton

Delta Air Lines launches effort to improve

coronavirus contact tracing on international flights

THE WASHINGTON POST, 12/03/20, by Lori Aratani

New rule cracks down on emotional support animals

on planes

CNN, 12/02/20, by Marnie Hunter

Delta Fired A White Flight Attendant

After Asking Whether She Was 'Racist' Toward White Men

BUZZFEED, 12/01/20, by Julia Reinstein

Now there's another problem for aviation: wasps

CNN, 11/30/20, by Hilary Whiteman

TikTok user 'grills' steak in airplane bathroom,

draws criticism from viewers and airlines alike: 'Disgusted'

FOX NEWS, 11/30/20, by Michael Bartiromo

Lufthansa trials lie-flat economy seat concept

CNN, 11/27/20, by Francesca Street

Coronavirus vaccine will likely be required

for international flights, Qantas CEO says

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/24/20, by Antonia Noori Farzan

Panic grips Shanghai airport after employees

are sealed in for coronavirus testing

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/23/20, by Eva Dou

Thanksgiving travelers give U.S. airports

their busiest weekend since March

REUTERS, 11/23/20, by David Shepardson, Tracy Rucinski

Cathay Pacific says demand for Hong Kong-Singapore

travel bubble flights was 'overwhelming,'

before Covid-19 fourth wave forced delay

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST, 11/23/20, by Danny Lee

Delta casts doubts on New York-London travel corridor

REUTERS, 11/22/20, [no byline]

Delta will block middle seats through March

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/18/20, by Shannon McMahon

Boeing's 737 Max gets approval to fly passengers again

CNN, 11/18/20, by Chris Isidore

How do travel bubbles work? 4 questions answered.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/17/20, by Shanon McMahon

I flew business class for 9 hours, and it made me wish

I saved my money and bought an economy ticket

INSIDER, 11/17/20, by Sara Shah

Covid testing before flying could become the new norm

as airlines try to boost confidence and woo travelers

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/17/20, by Lori Aratani and Ian Duncan

Southwest Goes on the Offensive

Seeking Planes, Customers

THE MOTLEY FOOL, 11/16/20, by Lou Whiteman

The Safest Airline To Fly During the COVID-19 Pandemic

FORBES, 11/16/20, by Laurie Werner

No-change-fee policies may only be the beginning

of more customer-friendly airline updates

THE POINTS GUY, 11/16/20, by Zach Griff

Support for MAX brand wavers as Boeing jet nears green light

REUTERS, 11/16/20, by Eric M. Johnson, Tracy Rucinski

The Best Business Class Across The Country?

United's Big Return To JFK

FORBES, 11/16/20, by Gabriel Leigh

Emirates, Etihad tap Israel for growth as new business ties deepen

CNBC, 11/16/20, by Dan Murphy

Emirates working with Pfizer, others on vaccine transport challenge

CNBC, 11/15/20, by Dan Murphy, Emma Graham

How risky is air travel in the pandemic?

Here's what the science says.

VOX, 11/12/20, by Julia Belluz and Brian Resnick

Singapore Airlines Sounds The Death Knell For Airbus A380

FORBES, 11/11/20, by Michael Goldstein

The world's longest flight just quietly touched down

in New York. Here's why you haven't heard anything about it.

BUSINESS INSIDER, 11/10/20, by Thomas Pallini

United is bringing back food, beer and wine. Here's what is

(and isn't) on the pandemic menu at US airlines

USA TODAY, 11/09/20, by Dawn Gilbertson

How Will Aviation Fare under the Biden Administration?

AIRWAYS MAGAZINE, 11/08/20, by Helwing Villamizar

Revamped Eastern Airlines Adds New Routes

AIRLINE GEEKS, 11/07/20, by Daniel Morley

The brands bold enough to comment on the U.S. election:

An Irish airline and a meat snack company

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/06/20, by Rachel Lerman

Emirates asks pilots to take a year of unpaid leave

THE INDEPENDENT, 11/05/20, by Helen Coffey

Pilots' union: Government is 'destroying the airline industry'

THE INDEPENDENT, 11/04/20, by Simon Calder

Southwest flight deplanes at Nashville airport

after passenger refuses to wear face mask

NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN, 11/03/20, by Natalie Neysa Alund

These furloughed flight attendants used their final trips

to say emotional farewells

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/03/20, by Natalie B. Compton

United moving flight crews out of city hotels ahead of election

to ensure 'safety and suitable rest'

USA TODAY, 11/02/20, by Dawn Gilbertson

Passengers booted from American Airlines after woman

allegedly hides under the other's first-class seat

FOX NEWS, 11/02/20, by Michael Bartiromo

Six 747s flew into a Dutch airport – but then couldn't leave

CNN, 11/02/20, by Francesca Street

Delta's Last Boeing 777 Flies Off Into The Sunset

As 20-Year Experiment Ends

FORBES, 11/01/20, by Ted Reed

On This Delta Flight, the Crew Did Something

to Remind All of Us of the Importance

of Creating Personal Connections

INC., 11/01/20, by Jason Aten

A woman died of coronavirus on a plane.

Her fellow passenger were never notified.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/31/20, by Ian Duncan

New Berlin airport welcomes its first passengers

– nine years late

THE INDEPENDENT, 10/31/20, by Simon Calder

Dover man kicked off flight over mask:

Airline 'fabricated a story'

FOSTER'S DAILY DEMOCRAT, 10/29/20, by Karen Dandurant

There's a new world's longest flight

– with a catch

CNN, 10/29/20, by Julia Buckley

I flew on a newly upgraded JetBlue plane

and despite less legroom and slimmer seats, the refresh

is exactly what the airline needed

BUSINESS INSIDER, 10/28/20, by Thomas Pallini

Frontier Airlines pushes ahead, with some success,

despite pandemic

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/28/20, by Lori Aratani

The airlines insist flying is safe. But nearly 100 U.S. air marshals

have been infected with COVID-19

YAHOO, 10/27/20, by Jana Winter

Japan's ANA to shrink fleet as it skids toward

record $4.8 billion loss

REUTERS, 10/27/20, by Tim Kelly, Ritsuko Shimizu,

editing by Christopher Cushing

Furloughed American Airlines flight attendant

delivers emotional sendoff on final trip:

'Thank you for the smiles'

YAHOO, 10/27/20, by Blake Harper

Delta, United and Alaska Airlines have banned

more than 900 passengers for not wearing masks

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/26/20, by Shannon McMahon

Airbus created a remote-controlled aircraft

with flapping wingtips to see how much it could

increase efficiency

BUSINESS INSIDER, 10/25/20, by Brittany Chang

Austrian Airlines begins offering rapid pre-boarding

COVID-19 tests

REUTERS, 10/23/20, [no byline]

A travel group reports says flying is safe.

The doctor whose research it cited says not so fast.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/23/20, by Shannon McMahon

Woman wearing 'Just Deaf, Not Rude' mask speaks out

after rude encounter with flight attendant:

'I was very hurt'

YAHOO, 10/23/20, by Priscilla Blossom

Southwest Airlines faces backlash after announcing

its unblocking middle seats: 'Social distancing

in NOT optional'

YAHOO, 10/22/20, by Korin Miller

Flying During COVID-19 Isn't Quite As Safe

As United Says

VICE, 10/22/20, by Maddie Bender

London Heathrow unveils rapid pre-flight virus tests

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, 10/20/20, [no byline]

Airlines Still Don't Think New CDC Mask Guidelines

Go Far Enough

SKIFT, 10/20/20, by Madhu Unnikrishnan

Cathay Pacific to cut thousands of jobs

and axe Cathay Dragon airline as Covid-19

weighs on travel

CNN, 10/20/20, by Sandi Sidhu

Do Maks On Plane Flights Really Cut Your Risk

Of Catching COVID-19?

NPR, 10/20/20, by Michaeleen Doucleff

Delta passenger slaps flight attendant during argument

over mask policy: report

FOX NEWS, 10/20/20, by Michael Hollan

Singapore Airlines is launching the new world's longest flight

that will see flyers spending almost 19 hours

on a plane nonstop

BUSINESS INSIDER, 10/20/20, by Thomas Pallini

A Woman In Her Thirties Died Of COVID-19 On A Plane

BUZZFEED, 10/19/20, by Tasneem Nashrulla

Massless Woman on Plane Deliberately Coughs

on Passengers: 'Everybody Dies'

NEWSWEEK, 10/19/20, by Benjamin Fearnow

American Airlines planet to return the 737 Max

to service in December

CNN, 10/18/20, by Jazmin Goodwin

Study: Risk Of Covid-19 Transmission On Planes

'Virtually Nonexistent' For Mask-Wearers

CNN, 10/15/20, by Jemima McEvoy

Airlines and Airports Hope to Encourage Travel With Testing

ADWEEK, 10/15/20, by Ryan Barwick

These U.S. airlines are offering pre-flight covid-19 testing

– for a price

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/14/20, by Shannon McMahon

Delta Loses $5 Billion in 3rd Quarter,

May Soon Furlough 1,700 Pilots

NPR, 10/13/20, by David Schaper

Delta CEO says the airline will stop blocking middle seats

in the first half of 2021, even though

anxious travelers are loving the extra space

BUSINESS INSIDER, 10/13/20, by Thomas Pallini

Round trip to Tokyo for $173? Pandemic spawns

once-in-a-lifetime airfare deals – if you're ready

to travel

USA TODAY, 10/13/20, by Chris Woodyard

Airline furloughs send ripple effects

through U.S. economy

CBS NEWS, 10/10/20, by [no byline]

Delta's final Boeing 777 is just 3 weeks away

THE POINTS GUY, 10/09/20, by Zach Griff

BA's 'Queen of the skies' takes her final flight

REUTERS, 10/08/20, by [no byline]

What does flying look like right now?

6 travelers share their experiences.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/07/20, by Natalie B. Compton

Is Flying First Class Actually Safer

Amid the Pandemic?

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 10/07/20, by Barbara Peterson

Flight attendant baffles TikTok with list

of behind-the-scenes facts about her job:

'That is NOT fair'

IN THE KNOW, 10/06/20, by Dillon Thompson

Trump urges Congress to provide $25 billion bailout

for U.S. airlines

REUTERS, 10/06/20, by David Shepardson, Tracy Rucinski

Southwest flight attendants reject idea of pay cuts,

call govt aid

REUTERS, 10/06/20, by Tracy Rucinski

Is it safer to fly or drive during the pandemic?

5 health experts weigh in.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/05/20, by Natalie B. Compton

and Hannah Sampson

Airlines forced to court leisure passengers

with deals, perks and new destinations

USA TODAY, 10/05/20, by Chris Woodyard

Airlines are flying some unexpected routes 

during the pandemic. Will they stick around?

THE POINTS GUY, 10/05/20, by Edward Russell

Fight breaks out on plane after passenger refuses

to wear face mask

NBC, 10/05/20, by Wilson Wong

Coronavirus: 'World's best airport' warns of prolonged crisis

BBC, 10/05/20, [no byline]

The 20 best airports in the world for 2020

according to expert reviewers

BUSINESS INSIDER, 10/04/20, by Thomas Pallini

3 Minnesota Congressmen Flew Delta

After Being Exposed To Covid-19-Positive Trump

FORBES, 10/03/20, by Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

Delta 'investigating' after Republican Sen. Roger Wicker

spotted not wearing mask on flight

USA TODAY, 10/03/20, by Sarah Elbeshbishi

Flight attendant gives emotional farewell to passengers,

crew on final flight

ABC NEWS, 10/02/20, [no byline]

Singapore Airlines Has Converted a Parked A380

Into a Restaurant

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 10/01/20, by Jessica Puckett

'You know that your dream's ending':

Flight attendants bid tearful goodbyes

as they're furloughed

USA TODAY, 10/01/20, by David Oliver

American and United Furlough 32,000 Workers

as Aid Program Runs Out

THE STREET, 10/01/20, by Joseph Woelfel

U.S. congressman is stopped at TSA checkpoint

with loaded gun

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/01/20, by Fredrick Kunkle

Singapore Airlines Cancels 'Flights to Nowhere'

Following Backlash

VICE, 09/30/20, by Frankie Lantican

US Treasury Department, Seven Airlines

Close Billions in Loans

AIRWAYS MAGAZINE, 09/30/20, by Andrea Ongaro

Airbus' new zero-emission concepts reveal the direction

of the aviation industry's planes of the future –

here's why today's aircraft aren't cutting it

BUSINESS INSIDER, 09/27/20, by Thomas Pallini

Salt Lake City Airport just opened a massive new terminal

with canyon-themed art as Delta relies on the hub

as a gateway to the west – see inside

BUSINESS INSIDER, 09/27/20, by Thomas Pallini

Already facing its worst crisis since 9/11,

airline industry set to cut more than 35,000 jobs this week

THE WASHINGTON POST, 09/26/20, by Ian Duncan,

Lori Aratani and Michael Laris

Qantas sold 1,000 wine-stuffed bar carts

from its retired 747 fleet in just 2 hours

BUSINESS INSIDER, 09/25/20, by Tim Levin

United to become 1st U.S. airline to offer passengers

COVID-19 tests

THE WEEK, 09/24/20, by Brendan Morrow

Will Airfares Double Due To Passenger Behavior?

FORBES, 09/24/20, by Michele Robson

Airlines call for COVID-19 tests

before all international flights

REUTERS, 09/22/20, by Laurence Frost

What It's Like Taking a 'Flight to Nowhere'

VICE, 09/21/20, by Anthony Esguerra

Coronavirus can spread on airline flights,

two studies show

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 09/18/20, by Maggie Fox

Congressional Inquiry Faults Boeing And FAA Failures

For Deadly 737 Max Plane Crashes

NPR, 09/16/20, by David Schaper

Family claims mechanics' error caused death of woman

hit by propeller at Newark Airport

NORTHJERSEY.COM, 09/12/20, by Steve Janoski

9 Questions to Ask Before Book  a Flight Right Now,

According to Experts

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 09/11/20, by Lindsay Tigar

American Airlines attendant gives

Black Lives Matter note to travel influencer

FOX NEWS, 09/10/20, by Ann W. Schmidt

8,000 jumbo jets needed to deliver

coronavirus vaccines globally, IATA warns

CNBC, 09/10/20, by Holly Ellyatt

Flight attendants rally in Federal Plaza,

ask Congress to save jobs as payroll protection

set to expire

WLS-TV, 09/09/20, by Michelle Gallardo

Reports: U.S. To Stop Enhanced Coronavirus screenings

At Airports

FORBES, 09/09/20, by Daniel Cassady

United Airlines Is Launching 3

New Nonstop Routes to Africa

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 09/09/20, by Jessica Puckett

Review: Is American Flagship First still the most exclusive

domestic flight during the pandemic?

THE POINTS GUY, 09/09/20, by Chris Dong

British Airways passengers 'stunned' over

cash refunds stand-off

BBC, 09/09/20, by Jon Douglas

American Airlines policy allowing BLM pins

faces backlash from workers

NEW YORK POST, 09/06/20, by Carl Campanile

and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon

Airlines Have Banned More Than 700

for Not Wearing Masks

MSN, 09/06/20, by Rich Thomaselli

American Airlines CEO trashes Zoom, says it'll make

more people fly

ZDNET, 09/05/20, by Chris Matyszczyk

'Miracle on the Hudson' pilot 'Sully' Sullenberger

slammed Trump after reports the president called US troops

killed in combat 'losers'

BUSINESS INSIDER, 09/04/20, by David Slotnick

Passenger leaves note calling flight attendant 'Nazi'

and 'glorified maid' after being asked to wear mask

THE INDEPENDENT, 09/04/20, by Helen Coffey

The shocking moment a passenger took a walk

on an airplane wing

CNN, 09/04/20, by Tamara Hardingham-Gill

Toronto crash: Passengers ignored safety commands,

report finds

BBC, 09/03/20, [no byline]

Airlines Invent Wild Ways to Make Money

With Borders Closed

BLOOMBERG, 09/03/20, by Angus Whitley

Did Donald Trump make up a 'thug' protester plane?

CNN, 09/03/20, by Chris Cillizza

Airlines urge UK, U.S. to start London-New York

passenger testing trial

REUTERS, 09/03/20, by David Shepardson

'You matter to us': Delta Air Lines upgrades

Black traveler harassed by white flyer

USA TODAY, 09/03/20, by Cydney Henderson

Covid eliminated airline change fees –

but they could return incognito, experts say

THE WASHINGTON POST, 09/03/20, by Shannon McMahon

American, Delta and United plan to add

15 long-haul international routes in September

THE POINTS GUY, 09/02/20, by Edward Russell

Israeli flight attendant says 'shalom' to UAE,

by to airline

REUTERS, 09/02/20, [no byline]

A man flying a jetpack was reported by pilots

above Los Angeles

CNN, 09/01/20, by Lauren M. Johnson

Flight Change Fees Are Now A Thing Of The Past

REFINERY 29, 09/01/20, by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Delta Installs Hand Sanitizer Stations Near

Boarding Doors And Lavatories

FORBES, 08/29/20, by Grant Martin

I Flew on Delta to New York City During the Pandemic.

I Didn't Expect This

INC., 08/29/20, by Jason Aten

Delta has banned 240 passengers for refusing to wear masks

during flights, as it works to make flying feel safe again

BUSINESS INSIDER, 08/28/20, by David Slotnick

Boeing grounds eight 787 jets after flaws create

risk of failure

BLOOMBERG, 08/27/20, by Julie Johnsson and Anurag Kotoky

American Airlines passenger throws expletive-laden fit

after requesting to leave plane: report

FOX NEWS, 08/25/20, by Mihael Hollan

Why airlines that can pivot to ultra-long-haul flights

will succeed in the post-coronavirus era

THE CONVERSATION, 08/24/20, by Linus Bauer

American Airlines to Apply Virus-Killing Surface Treatment

THE MOTLEY FOOL, 08/24/20, by Howard Smith

Delta doubles cabin cleaners in 'pit stop' revamp,

buys kits to test for germs

REUTERS, 08/24/20, by Tracy Rucinski

Airline union boss calls federal coronavirus response

'the strangest thing that I have ever experienced'

YAHOO, 08/22/20, by Adriana Belmonte

The odds of catching Covid-19 on an airplane

are slimmer than you think, scientists say

CNN, 08/20/20, by Tamara Hardingham-Gill

COVID-19 Screenings at U.S. Airports Remain Inconsistent

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 08/19/20, by Megan Sauer

U.S. Airports Grapple With Reversal of Fortunes

as Long Bumpy Ride Awaits

SKIFT, 08/19/20, by Madhu Unnikrishnan

Airbus' new long-range single-aisle jet is reportedly moving

full steam ahead – here's why it's the perfect plane

for airlines post pandemic

BUSINESS INSIDER, 08/19/20, by Thomas Pallini

5 things I noticed about how flying has changed

since the pandemic

THE POINTS GUY, 08/18/20, by Brian Kim

Delta Will Give Flight Attendants Rapid COVID-19 Tests

on Demand

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 08/18/20, by Jessica Puckett

Plane designs could change dramatically because of

the pandemic. Here's how.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/18/20, by Shannon McMahon

What it's like to be a flight attendant during the pandemic

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/17/20, by Natalie B. Compton

The New Normal for Travel

KWINMOSBY.COM, 08/16/20, by Kwin Mosby

I booked JetBlue's version of basic economy and saw

how the airline's new safety policies make it

the best value in the sky

BUSINESS INSIDER, 08/16/20, by Thomas Pallini

Flight attendants turn to dog walking, contact tracing

for extra income as they brace for job cuts

CNBC, 08/16/20, by Leslie Josephs

Cancellation policies for the 4 major airlines show

it's almost impossible for customers to just get

their money back

BUSINESS INSIDER, 08/15/20, by Barbara Smith

How Likely Is It to Contract COVID-19 on a Plane?

NEWSWEEK, 08/14/20, by Alexandra Schonfeld

TAP Air Portugal Outlines Return to North American Skies

AIRLINE GEEKS, 08/14/20, by Hemal Gosai

US airlines are banning vented masks, which the CDC says

don't stop COVID-19

BUSINESS INSIDER, 08/13/20, by David Slotnick

American Airlines passenger hits gate agent in Phoenix

after being denied boarding for not wearing a mask

ARIZONA REPUBLIC, 08/13/20, by Melissa Yeager