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I flew on the 4 biggest US airlines during the pandemic

to see which is handling it best, and found one blew the rest

out of the water

BUSINESS INSIDER, 07/05/20, by Thomas Pallini


Alaska Air was ready to grow.

Hawaiian hit hard times.

An airline match is made

THE SEATTLE TIMES, 12/05/23, by Dominic Gates

Qatar Deports Gay Flight Attendant

for Wearing Tinted Moisturizer

METRO WEEKLY, 11/28/23, by John Riley

Plane will fly from London to New York

with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Experts say it's not a fix

CNN, 11/28/23, by Jacopo Prisco

Forget chicken or pasta.

Order the Hindu meal on a flight

THE WASHINGTON POST, 11/24/23, by David Farley

Passenger threatened flight crew

over mask, feds say.

Now she owes American Airlines

THE SACRAMENTO BEE, 11/15/23, by Julia Marnin

An American Airlines pilot

went viral for his 'retirement flight' speech

after 32 years on the job

INSIDER, 11/14/23, by Marielle Descalsota

This flight attendant

who breastfed a passenger's

hungry baby is still our hero

MOTHERLY, 11/12/23, [no byline]

The night train revolution

has been hailed as an alternative

to airplanes. Here's how

that's going.

CNN, 11/12/23, by Ben Jones

More details emerge after

off-duty pilot allegedly tried to

shut off engines

on Alaska Airlines flight

ABC NEWS, 10/04/23, by Amanda Maile and Emily Shapiro

Pilots on a regional passenger jet

say a 3rd pilot in the cockpit

tried to shut down the engines

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 10/23/23, by David Koenig and Claire Rush

US student held in Dubai for weeks

for tapping security officer's arm

THE GUARDIAN, 10/04/23, by Ramon Antonio Vargas

Airports want you to come hang out –

even without a flight

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/03/23, by Heidi Pérez-Moreno

Fake Jet Engine Parts

Ground American, Southwest, United Planes

as Scandal Grows

THE DRIVE, 09/23/23, by James Gilboy

Your guide to sleeping

in an airport

THE WASHINGTON POST, 09/05/23, by Sofia Andrade

American and Southwest Airlines

face 'meltdown'

THE STREET, 09/03/23, by Daniel Kline

Thousands of passengers

got stuck on planes for hours

at LaGuardia Airport

as 60 aircraft waited to take off

INSIDER, 07/29/23, by Jyoti Mann

How Two Brothers

Turned Planespotting Into

YouTube Gold

THRILLIST, 07/21/23, by Vanita Salisbury

Delta passengers, flight attendants

fall ill awaiting takeoff in Las Vegas

amid 114-degree temps

FOX WEATHER, 07/18/23, by Chris Oberholtz

Blimps Are Back –

And They Might Be the

Future of Air Travel

THRILLIST, 07/11/23, by Jennifer Billock

United flight to Amsterdam

reportedly diverted to Chicago

over meal choice

THE GUARDIAN, 07/10/23, by Lauren Aratani

A flight attendant needed surgery

and 4 others were also injured

by severe turbulence on a flight

from Singapore to London

BUSINESS INSIDER, 06/17/23, by Harvey Biggs

Qantas reveals economy seats

for 19-hour NYC-Sydney

ultra long-haul flights

CNN, 06/15/23, by Harvey Biggs

Delta CEO says 'revenge travel'

is taking over and even he's shocked

by how much: '$300 billion – with a B'

FORTUNE, 06/09/23, by Jane Thier

I'm a mom who flies in business class

while my family stays in economy.

We see it as a lesson on feminism.

INSIDER, 06/07/23, by Kathleen Porter Kristiansen

This Is the Only Acceptable Way

to Ask a Fellow Passenger to Switch Seats,

According to a Flight Attendant

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 06/05/23, by Stacey Leasca

Airport Lounge Crawls

Are the Newest 'Sport' in Travel

THRILLIST, 06/01/23, by Serena Tara

Flight Attendant Who Shared

Her Transition Journey in United Video

Dead After Posting Emotional Final Message

PEOPLE, 03/23/23, by Jason Hahn

A new Taiwanese luxury airline

is launching flights from Taipei to the U.S.

See inside the swanky A350

flying the 12-hour route

BUSINESS INSIDER, 03/22/23, by Taylor Rains

Air New Zealand connects

Auckland and New York for the first time ever

CNN, 09/19/22, by Lilit Marcus

This All-Black Female American Airlines Crew

Took Flight in Honor

of an Aviation Icon – Here's Her Story

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 09/14/22, by Stefanie Waldek

Travel: Why there's so much chaos

at airports right now

YAHOO, 07/13/22, by Adriana Belmonte

Buttigieg meets with airline executives

amid fresh round of delays

THE WASHINGTON POST, 06/17/22, by Lori Aratani

Delta to begin paying flight attendants

during boarding

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/26/22, [no byline]

These airlines are letting passengers

banned for mask violations back on planes

ALASKA PUBLIC MEDIA, 04/22/22, by Jonathan Franklin

Delta rewrites statement that called covid-19

'ordinary seasonal virus'

THE WASHINGTON POST, 04/19/22, by Lindsey Bever

An English design company has created

a business seat for narrowbody planes

as more airlines fly them across the Atlantic

– meet ACCESS

BUSINESS INSIDER, 02/12/22, by Taylor Rains

Frontier to buy Spirit Airlines

in $2.9 billion budget carrier deal

REUTERS, 02/07/22, by Aishwarya Nair and Rajesh Kumar Singh

Delta asks DOJ to add

unruly passengers to federal "no-fly" list

AXIOS, 02/04/22, by Shawna Chen

A nearly abandoned New York airport

is getting nonstop flights to Europe

for the first time since 2019 with fares starting

at $109 one-way

BUINESS INSIDER, 02/01/22, by Taylor Rains

Lufthansa is upgrading

its premium economy seats as the cabin

soars in popularity among travelers – meet ZIMprivacy

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/29/22, by Taylor Rains

U.S. to move faster to address

unfair airline consumer practices

REUTERS, 01/24/22, by David Shepardson

Passenger from Ireland charged with assault

on Delta flight to New York

THE WASHINGTON POST, 01/21/22, by Shayna Jacobs

A teen's solo transatlantic flight

calls attention to wasteful 'ghost flights'

NPR, 01/21/22, by Vanessa Romo

Belarus withheld information

from Ryanair diversion probe, U.N. says

REUTERS, 01/19/22, by Andrius Sytas

US airlines warn C-Band 5G

could cause 'catastrophic disruption'

ENDGADGET, 01/17/22, by Igor Bonifacic

Canadian doctor delivers

'Miracle' baby on flight

BBC, 01/14/22, by Max Matza

Southwest Passengers Can Now Get

an At-home COVID-19 Test

in the Maile

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 01/10/22, by Meena Thiruvengadam

American Airlines apologetic after

Twitter user complains about pilot

with 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker

FOX NEWS, 01/09/22, by Jon Brown

28,000 canceled flights later,

airlines still looking for upper hand

against omicron, weather

THE WASHINGTON POST, 01/08/22, by Lori Aratani, Ian Duncan

Airlines refuse to fly 'idiot' influencers home

after they overtook plane

from Canada to Cancun despite Covid rules

INDEPENDENT, 01/07/22, by Graig Graziosi

Air New Zealand the World's Safest Airline

for 2022

AIRLINE RATINGS, 01/05/22, by Christine Forbes Smith

Denmark to make domestic flights

fossil fuel free by 2030

BBC, 01/02/22, [no byline]

Emirates is giving 52 of its Airbus A380s

a brand-new look including upgrades in every cabin

and premium economy seating – see inside

BUSINESS INSIDER, 01/02/22, by Thomas Pallini

Airline Industry Needs 35,000 to 40,000

New Pilots in the Next Decade

THE JET SET, 01/01/22, by John Michael Jayme

Chicago woman quarantined in airplane bathroom

for 3 hours after testing positive

for Covid-19 mid-flight

CNN, 12/31/21, by Sara Smart and Jeevan Ravindran

Flight cancellations snarl holiday plans

for thousands

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 12/25/21, by Tali Arbel

Should alcohol be limited

at airport bars and banned on planes?

YAHOO, 12/20/21, by Adam Shapiro

Black family to sue American Airlines

after being kicked off plane in Charlotte, N.C.

THE GRIO, 12/07/21, by Biba Adams

'I relive it daily': Woman describes trauma

of being taken off a plane in Qatar

and internally examined after authorities found

an abandoned newborn baby

BUSINESS INSIDER, 12/04/21, by Sinéad Baker

A Vietnamese airline made history

by launching the first-ever commercial nonstop flight

from Vietnam to the US

BUSINESS INSIDER, 12/01/21, by Taylor Rains

Costly Airbus paint flaw goes wider

than the Gulf

REUTERS, 11/29/21, by Tim Hepher and Alexander Cromwell

Justice Department to ramp up prosecution

of unruly airline passengers

AXIOS, 11/25/21, by Yacob Reyes

The travelers who are

turning their backs on airplanes

CNN, 11/10/21, by Francesca Street

These Photos Capture

Emotional Airport Reunions After Coronavirus Restrictions

Were Lifted

BUZZFEED, 11/08/21, by Pia Peterson

Relief and reunions in sight

as US finally lifts Covid travel restrictions

THE GUARDIAN, 11/06/21, by Kevin T. Dugan

Why Everyone Is

Suddenly Flying Premium Economy

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 11/03/21, by Jessica Puckett

Supply chain help is on the way

from the passenger airlines

QUARTZ, 11/02/21, by Nicolás Rivero

Are Green Jet Fuels Ready for Takeoff?

WIRED, 10/27/21, by Eric Niiler

Federal judge tosses out

Southwest Airlines pilots' petition against vaccine mandate

POLITICO, 10/26/21, by Oriana Pawlyk

Italian flight attendants strip off

to protest working conditions

CNN, 10/21/21, by Julia Buckley

Aviation Fans Are Excited

About the New Airport Terminal Being Built in Pittsburgh

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, 10/19/21, by Shivani Vora

United CEO Warns Travelers to Beware

When Flying Airlines Without a Vaccine Mandate

SKIFT, 10/20/21, by Edward Russell

JetBlue's Mint Suite

Raises the Bar for Business Class on U.S. Airlines

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 10/18/21, by Eric Rosen

'Nobody ever put hands on me before':

flight attendants on the air rage epidemic

THE GUARDIAN, 10/17/21, by Kelli María Korducki

Why it's so hard to find a power outlet

at the airport

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/16/21, by Hannah Sampson

Why a Mach 5 passenger plane

is a crazy idea that might just work

CNN, 10/16/21, by Jacopo Prisco

Southwest Airlines pilots did not walk out

on our passengers. We were stranded, too.

USA TODAY, 10/16/21, by Michael Santoro

Overhead bins on planes are getting bigger,

and it's turning air travel into

a less stressful experience for both passengers and crew

BUSINESS INSIDER, 10/17/21, by Taylor Rains

Pakistan Airlines suspends Afghanistan flights

amid Taliban row

AL JAZEERA, 10/14/21, [no byline]

Google Flights will show you

the carbon footprint of your travel

THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/06/21, by Natalie B. Compton

This startup is using sunlight

and captured C02 to make jet fuel

FAST COMPANY, 10/05/21, by Adele Peters

Sinema confrontations escalate

as she is accosted on plane and at DC airport

WASHINGTON EXAMINER, 10/04/21, by Virginia Aabram

American Airlines to require all U.S. employees

to get COVID-19 vaccine

DALLAS BUSINESS JOURNAL, 10/01/21, by Catherine Leffert

Airlines Are Ripping Out Business Seats

to Create a New Middle Class

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK, 10/01/21, by William Wilkes

and Christopher Jasper

American Airlines Partners

With Another Budget Airline

THE MOTLEY FOOL, 09/30/21, by Adam Levine-Weinberg

JetBlue just began flying between New York and London

with the smallest plane of any airline on the route

– here's why I'm eager to book it again

BUSINESS INSIDER, 09/25/21, by Thomas Pallini

7 airlines, including Southwest and Delta,

are trying to dismiss an man's anti-mask lawsuit,

saying he has no authority to sue them in federal court

BUSINESS INSIDER, 08/28/21, by Kevin Shalvey

Delta Airlines to require that employees

be vaccinated or pay health insurance surcharge

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/25/21, by Ian Duncan

Woman drank, vaped, refused mask

on flight to Charlotte. Now she's been fined $17,000.

THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 08/24/21, by Hannah Smoot

Retired flight attendant is pushing a beverage cart

from Boston to Ground Zero

to honor slain co-workers

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/20/21, by Sydney Page

Bad behavior is surging on flights.

The U.S. needs to crack down on it.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 08/09/21, by the Editorial Board

Target True Zero Initiative Launches

To Achieve Zero Emissions Aviation

ENVIRONMENT + ENERGY LEADER, 08/02/21, by Harun Asud

One of Embraer's worst selling jets

just got a shot in the arm with an 30-aircraft order

from Canada's Porter Airlines: Meet E195-E2

BUSINESS INSIDER, 7/31/21, by Thomas Pallini

Key lawmaker pushes US airlines to explain

worker shortages and flight delays

after billions in federal aid

CNN, 7/17/21, by Veronica Stracqualursi and Aileen Graef

Bomb threat at Fort Lauderdale International Airport,

travelers evacuated

FOX NEWS, 7/07/21, by Audrey Conklin

The world's safest –

and least safe – airlines

THE TELEGRAPH, 7/07/21, by Hugh Morris

United says that '100%' of customers

will be able to bring carry-on bags

as part of its massive fleet upgrades

BUSINESS INSIDER, 7/05/21, by Thomas Pallini

Air travel exceeds pre-pandemic levels

for 1st time heading into July 4th weekend

ABC NEWS, 7/02/21, by Mina Kaji and Amanda Maile

Biden administration wants to make airlines

refund fees if bags are late

or if inflight WiFi is broken

THE WASHINGTON POST, 07/02/21, by Ian Duncan

After pandemic decimated air travel,

these low-cost start-ups are the first

new U.S. air carriers in 14 years

THE WASHINGTON POST, 06/18/21, by Lori Aratani

I was stranded in Bogotá airport for 10 hours

and it taught me the true value of credit card perks

and not taking no for an answer

BUSINESS INSIDER, 06/13/21, by Thomas Pallini

Delta pilot finds note

marking 'apocalyptic, surreal' pandemic moment.

It sat in a plane for more than a year.

USA TODAY, 06/12/21, by Gabriela Miranda

Passengers made Charlotte-bound flight

'a living hell,' flight attendant scolds in video

THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 06/10/21, by Joe Marusak

Airlines say passengers and their baggage

are getting heavier,

and they're responding with new safety plans

BUSINESS INSIDER, 06/10/21, by Anna Cooban

Hot Pants, Love Potions, and the Go-go Genesis

of Southwest Airlines

TEXAS MONTHLY, 06/10/21, by Joseph Guinto

American, following Delta's lead,

asks employees to volunteer at the airport

THE POINTS GUY, 06/10/21, by Zach Griff

American Airlines' CEO attends wedding

of Southwest flight attendant after viral meeting

THE POINTS GUY, 06/10/21, by Zach Griff

Spirit to enter Miami with 30 routes

in major competitive shake-up

THE POINTS GUY, 06/08/21, by Zach Griff

'People Are Just Bumbling'

A flight attendant on what post-vaccine

travel looks like

SLATE, 06/07/21, by Molly Olmstead

United will require new employees to show proof

of Covid vaccine, following Delta

CNBC, 06/05/21, by Leslie Josephs

UK's Heathrow Airport opens terminal

for high-risk travelers

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 06/01/21, by Jill Lawless

I flew on JetBlue founder David Neeleman's

new Breeze Airways for $39 and found it was cheap

and friendly but surprisingly basic

BUSINESS INSIDER, 05/29/21, by Thomas Pallini

Airlines prolong pause on alcohol service after in-flight assaults

AXIOS, 05/29/21, by Oriana Gonzalez

What You're Owed If Your Flight Is Rescheduled

This Summer

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, 05/28/21, by Jessica Puckett

'This is my life': Woman accuses airline

of breaking her wheelchair in viral video

INDEPENDENT, 05/27/21, by Helen Coffey

Belarus airline scraps flights amid EU freeze-out

REUTERS, 05/27/21, by Gleb Stolyarov, Laurence Frost

Russian authorities deny entry to European airlines

as EU mulls sanctions on Belarus

CNN, 05/27/21, by Tara John, Nadine Schmidt, Tim Lister and Chris Liakos

Flight attendant loses 2 teeth in assault by passenger

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 05/25/21, by David Koenig

30 observations from my first vaccinated flight

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/24/21, by Natalie B. Compton

United Airlines joins

corporate COVID-19 vaccine push, offers bid

to win year of free flights

YAHOO, 05/24/21, by Brooke DiPalma

New airline Breeze Airways takes off May 27

with $39 fares, no middle seats

and nonstop flights to smaller cities

USA TODAY, 05/23/21, by Dawn Gilbertson

Belarus accused of 'hijacking' Ryanair flight

diverted to arrest blogger

THE GUARDIAN, 05/23/21, by Andrew Roth

With airline altercations on the rise,

a guide to best practices for bystanders

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/20/21, by Tanya Ward Goodman

Booking a Europe trip this summer?

Here are 6 things to expect.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/19/21, by Natalie B. Compton

Air France Shows Respect for Diversity

with 'LGBT+ Friendly' Flight to Athens

GREEK TRAVEL PAGES, 05/18/21, [no byline]

Unruly Delta passenger facing $52,500 fine

THE HILL, 05/18/21, by Mychael Schnell

Boom Supersonic: 'Anywhere in the world

in four hours for $100'

CNN, 05/18/21, by Maureen O'Hare

Flight attendants' roles have changed,

but the stereotypes have not

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/13/21, by Liza Weisstuch

The ascent of Sara Nelson,

workers' great hope

FAST COMPANY, 05/10/21, by Morgan Clendaniel

As the summer travel outlook improves,

added fees are making a comeback

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/05/21, by Christopher Elliott

Premium Economy is a focus as Delta retrofits

767 and A330 fleets

RUNWAY GIRL NETWORK, 05/05/21, by Jason Rabinowitz

Traveler faked a coronavirus certificate to fly

to Argentina, officials say. He was infected all along.

THE WASHINGTON POST, 05/05/21, by Teo Armus

This Made Flying Absolute Hell

but It's About to Change

DAILY BEAST, 05/03/21, by Clive Irving

FAA reports 'off the charts' spike

in unruly, dangerous passenger bahavior

on flights

NBC NEWS, 05/03/21, by Tom Costello and Daniel Arkin

Nurses, doctor help 'lucky' mom

who gave birth on flight

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 05/03/21, [no byline]

Dreaming Of Travel To Italy?

There's A New Airline Option

For Your Post-Vaccination Vacations

FORBES, 05/02/21, by Larry Olmstead

Airlines who boarded planes back-to-front

in response to COVID-19

actually doubled passengers' risk of exposure,

a new study says

BUSINESS INSIDER, 04/28/21, by Grace Dean

Here's How All Your Friends

Got $202 Round-trip Tickets to Japan Last Week

TRAVEL + LEISURE, 04/27/21, by Stacey Leasca

'I love my airline, but they didn't love me back':

Southwest flight attendant blames airline

for husband's COVID-19 death

USA TODAY, 04/27/21, by Dawn Gilbertson

Alaska Airlines bans state senator

for 'continued refusal' to follow mask rules

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 04/26/21, [No byline]

United Airlines received billions in Covid aid.

Now thousands of workers could lose their jobs

THE GUARDIAN, 04/25/21, by Michael Sainato

There's A Petition To Rename National Airport

After JoJo Siwa

NPR, 04/22/21, by Colleen Grablick

JetBlue and American are launching

24 new routes as the two airlines expand

their partnership

BUSINESS INSIDER, 04/21/21, by Thomas Pallini

Eric Andre Says He Was Racially Profiled,

Searched by Police at Atlanta Airport:

'This Is Racism'

PEOPLE, 04/21/21, by Naledi Ushe

Vaccinated travelers should 

still avoid eating and drinking

on planes, experts say

THE WASHINGTON POST, 04/16/21, by Natalie B. Compton

Blocking middle seats on planes

reduces risk of COVID-19 transmission, CDC study says

YAHOO, 04/14/21, by Korin Miller

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